WHY Nonfiction Book Report

Nonfiction Book Report is a marketing and promotion service for non-fiction authors specializing in a comprehensive approach ranging from Internet book promotions, marketing campaigns and branding coaching for new authors. Our team provides outstanding customer service and attention to detail without the exorbitant costs and impersonal attitude.

When Dr. Wagner became a self-published author in 2005, she quickly learned she would have to do her own marketing and promotions. As a nonfiction author, she didn’t see many services out there. Yet, she pressed forward and garnered sales with her first and second book to become an Amazon.com Bestseller. In early 2007, she and another author decided to start a service to promote nonfiction authors titled The Virtuous Woman Tour Literary Corner. The service lasted for several years and then the two authors went on to work on different projects.

As Dr. Wagner was in the midst of promoting her latest printed book, Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ she discovered this “need” remained to promote nonfiction authors. Therefore after completing her virtual book tour and that book remaining on the Amazon.com Bestseller’s List for four months, she decided to reinstate her marketing and promotion service for nonfiction authors. This time she would offer more Internet based promotions as well as social media strategies in order to help authors create their brand and build their audience.

Now the book is published! You shouldn’t feel alone!

The easy part is for authors to write the book. The work generally starts when it is time to market and promote their book. The hard part is where do they begin? How do they ensure their message is heard in order to generate book sales? They become overwhelmed with trying to market the book, continuing working a day job and before they know it, the book is sitting on the shelf getting dusty.

Nonfiction Book Report is here to provide nonfiction authors with comprehensive marketing and promotion services. We are here to “create awareness and generate buzz” in an effort to generate demand for your book.

What Our Authors are Saying

“When I was inspired to write “How To Let Go and Let God”, I never knew what God’s intentions were at the time. I don’t consider myself a writer; however, inspired writing is just that… obedience to write as you’re instructed. I said that to say, it was a big deal for me to write it, let alone figure out how to promote it! LOL! So then came Dr. Taffy Wagner of Non-Fiction Book Report. Talking about a relief! Not only did her detailed and consistent work bring exposure to the book, but it also reached Amazon’s Best Seller status! I’m still receiving attention I know is based off her dedication. I highly encourage nonfiction writers to align themselves with the Non-Fiction Book Report service through Taffy. You will be astonished at at the expedient (rewarding) results and grateful with her and the service”! Regina Baker, Author

““Being on The Virtuous Woman Literary Corner has not only allowed others that did not previously know of my book to be aware of it but it also allowed me to see that the book that I published is good enough to be seen, recognized and helpful to many hurting people in the world”. Charity Gustovic, Author

Let us Help You Take Your Book to the Next Level

Nonfiction Book Report offers nonfiction authors the same type of attention and even hand-holding that fiction writers would receive. Nonfiction Book Report is determined to become a force to be reckoned with in the literary arena when it comes to nonfiction authors. Let us help you make your life a little easier! Take a look at our packages.